Welcome to WRCM Boston Church

Welcome to WRCM Boston Church – Here’s what to expect on your first visit, in person or online

Sunday Worship Service

WRCM Boston Church Hyde Park Boston meets on Sunday mornings for a group inspiration service to worship God, listen to the word, and meet and greet each other. This worship service is a great place to connect with us for the first time, and to experience the power of God in our church. We welcome your visit, and invite you be be part of next Sunday’s service.

Daily Church Online

On a daily basis, we pray online together. You can join us every morning at 6AM or 8AM to listen to us pray and to be inspired with a short message. If you need prayer ahead of Sunday morning, you can dial the line and we will pray for you.

Daily Conference Prayers:
Monday to Friday, 6AM and 8AM
Where: From the comfort of your own home, dial 857.342.8990

Sunday WorshIp Service:
Sunday Mornings @ 11 AM
Where: 120 Business Street, 2nd Floor, Hyde Park, Boston, MA
WRCM Boston is located at on the 2nd floor of 120 Business Street. The entrance is directly underneath the sign on the side of the building, facing Business Street. The building is located in a mini-plaza at the intersection of River Street, and Business Street in Hyde Park.

Where Can I Park?
Parking is located to the front and side of the building, but there is also overflow parking at 1530 River Street, a few feet away from the building.


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What To Expect On A Sunday
At WRCM, we want you to feel special and welcome when you visit. There will be someone at the door to greet you when you arrive, and to answer any questions that you may have. Then you will be escorted to a seat that you will choose.

How Long Does Your Service Last?
The service starts at 12:00 noon and finishes at around 1:30. We also have Sunday school which starts at 11AM. The Sunday school is open to both adults and children, and there are different classes depending on your age.

What Happens During The Worship Service?
A typical service includes the following components:

Worship – At WRCM Boston you will notice that we devote a good amount of time towards worshipping God in song. The songs are a mix of both contemporary music and hymns where you will be encouraged to worship however you feel comfortable.

Most people worship by standing. Others choose to raise their hands, and others choose to dance as well when they worship. We will display the words of the songs on a screen so you can sing along. On your first visit, you are welcome to either join in however you feel comfortable. But if you prefer to sit and observe, that’s also fine with us.

After the worship, the children will be dismissed to their respective classes with their teachers. The children will return into the sanctuary after the sermon is done.

One of the pastors will deliver an inspirational sermon based on the bible. The pastor often uses visual aides to deliver the sermon. We will also allow time for altar call, if anyone needs prayer.

Offering -We allow time also for the congregation to worship God by giving their tithes and offerings. You can select to give online, or by cash or check. It is not compulsory for you to give. The decision to give is between you and God. ,

Altar – This is an opportunity for you to prepare yourself for the week ahead.

Announcements – We allow time to really connect through announcements of activities that are happening during the week. We also will take time to recognize you as a first time visitor. We will also offer to you a gift as a token of appreciation for coming, and take time out to answer any questions you may have. Remember, the instant you walk into WRCM, a warm welcome will await you.

Kingdom Kids (also know as Kid’s Church) is available for your children ages 0-12th grade. They are split into different groups based on their age.

Will I Be Asked To Give Money?
The offering time is primarily for people who consider RRCM Boston church, their church home and want to give toward its work in the community and daily operating costs. If you come as a guest and you have a sincere desire to give, then of course you are welcome to contribute.

Our church will display the attendance from the prior week as well as all tithes and offerings that were given. We also display how your giving is used for the kingdom of God.

What Should I Wear?
There is no dress code. Please dress however you would like, to come to church.

Do you have smaller groups?
We have many different ministries in the church. Some examples are young adult ministry, kids ministry, women’s ministry, mens minstry, evangelism ministry, missions ministry. At WRCM you will find that there is definitely a group that you can join.

Will I feel welcome?
We welcome you with open arms, no matter where you are in your walk with God. If you are not yet a Christian, we will show you how to become one, and how to build your faith in God. If you are a strong Christian, we also welcome you. If you are in between, there will be many opportunities for you to grow in God.

How Can I Learn More About WRCM Boston church
Getting to know each other, being a loving church family, is one of the most important aspects of this ministry. We truly believe that we are family, and that we need to watch out for each other. If you’d like a family atmosphere, please check us out.

Also please check out our Statement of Faith to learn more about what we believe in.

I’d like to contact someone.
If you’d like to talk to one of us before you visit, we are more than happy to spend time with you. Please call us at 857-342-3440.

Our Church opens on Sundays at 11 AM. We meet at 120 Business Street, on the 2nd Floor, Hyde Park, MA – right on the Dedham line. We also are online live in a daily basis

Phone: 857-342-3440
E-Mail: office @ wrcm.us

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    Thursdays at 7PM;
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    CALL US NOW: 857-342-3440
    Live Services on Youtube and Facebook Sundays at 12NOON

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