Welcome to our virtual church online ministry. Here you will find a community of God’s people providing inspiring live sessions to strengthen your faith in God. Whether you are looking for live Sunday church online, a midweek service online, or daily church online, you have reached the right place. Below are several ways you can attend church online.

Preparing for Sunday Church Online

To watch our Sunday Service Church online, you can prepare as follows: Go to our youtube channel and click on subscribe to get updates each time we go live.

Before the start of our Sunday Church Service, we also offers Virtual Sunday School Online (Sat 6 PM and Sun 11 AM). Click here to see the details. To see upcoming Sunday School events, click here.

Click here to go to our Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel by clicking on the red ‘Subscribe’ button once you get there. We are live every Sunday at 12noon EST. If you subscribe to our channel, you will get a notice every time we go live. So be sure to subscribe.

If you prefer to use facebook, click here to follow us on facebook. We are live on Facebook every Sunday at 12 noon EST for the services. We also go live on Facebook at other times during the week. Be sure to follow us on Facebook so that you can get notices when we go live.

If you’d like to listen by telephone, you can also call the conference line at these times to follow live church online. To call the conference line dial 857-342-8990. To join us for free from anywhere in the world during the live session, enter our Conference ID: 8573428990 and hit the “Call” button after you click here.

Below are our upcoming live events. Click here to see all the events happening this month.

When you join one of our online sessions, you will find a diverse community of people with one common goal of seeking after God. You will meet people from all parts of the United States, and also from many cities and towns including Atlanta, Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Missisippi, Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Washington, Africa (such as Nigeria and Ghana), the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad). This is just a sampling of the nationalities that are represented on this online church community.