I think one of the greatest needs of man is the need to be understood. many times, we lack the words to express what we truly mean to say. Sometimes, we end up using the wrong choice of words, the wrong facial expressions, or the wrong body language, and we end up being judged wrongly.

Lying deep in every one of us is a strong desire, a need to be understood. we wish that our spouses, children, siblings, friends, and even enemies will understand that our intentions are different from our actions. ‘Man judges from outward appearance, but God sees the heart’, and because man is the one that we have to deal with daily, our outward appearances (which for the most are inadequate expressions of our inward impressions) form the basis of people’s perception of us.

As you read this blog today, i pray that you will be understood more by the people around you, and i pray also that you will seek to understand the people around you before you take any action.

Have a great week ahead.