Entrust your ways to the LORD. Trust him, and he will act on your behalf. Psalms 37:5
Trust is earned rather than wished for.

When we seek to buy certain car brands, or electronic gadgets, Most often than none, it’s because these brands have earned a name for themselves. So we trust that they will be durable, and we buy them and recommend them to our friends and loved ones. We brag about about these brands until they become status symbols.

But see how lazy we seem in entrusting our lives to God. Even though he has proven himself over and over again, men still drag their feet when it comes to trusting God.

Some wait until they are in trouble before they call on him, others call Him just to satisfy their religious appetite. yet only a few really trust Him.

Now its up to you. Do you trust God?

If you do, He will act on your behalf.

Trust in the Lord.

Enjoy your day!