As long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest, summer and winter, day and night will never cease. This is an ancient saying found in the book of genesis. Yet ancient as it may be, it is an eternal principle that whenever there is a sowing, harvest is gauranteed. It doesn’t matter what you sow, harvest is sure. Good seeds produce a good harvest, and bad seeds produce bad harvest.

Be careful what you sow, in words, or deeds, for they all will grow sooner or later. Sow kindness and you will receive kindness. Speak kind words to people and you will receive kind words from people. Show love and you will be shown love. Give and it will be given to to you. Call people and they will call you. Visit and you will be visited, be friendly to others and you will never lack friends. Be generous, be nice, It’s a seed.

Thing is, it may not necessarily come from the ones you gave to, but it will surely come. Take time to consider what you are doing to someone, or for someone today. Be sure that you will surely reap a harvest.

Let’s use the few years that we have on this earth to love, to live, and to leave a legacy. Live is too short to waste it sowing bad seeds. Let’s sow good seeds, and even after we are long gone. Generations after us will be glad we did.

Live your best life now.

Love someone today!