The tree is an interesting object to look at when dealing with seasons. The tree does not move nor change locations with changing seasons. No matter what season comes on it, the tree comes up with a way of coping with it.

During fall, it may lose all it’s leaves, it’s color, beauty and glory, but that doesn’t kill the tree. It still stands there , confident of this one thing; that no matter how harsh the fall and winter may have been, spring is coming. And with spring comes everything it had lost in the last season. Its leaves will become more colorful, it’s bark more beautiful, it’s trunk more refreshed, and its roots watered by the rains.

Talking about you right now, I don’t know what things you may have lost in the weeks, months, and years gone by, I want you to know that spring is coming. A new season that will be for you a season of recovery, of color, and restoration. Like the tree, don’t give up! Be bold, be confident. Nothing can stop your new season, just as nothing can stop day or night.

This is your season of total recovery.

Enjoy your week.