An indisciplined life is not worth living. Discipline is the ability to constrain oneself to adhere to certain rules, in order to achieve a set goal.

Life always makes room for discipline. if you don’t discipline yourself, you will be disciplined by nature, situation, or circumstances. Sometimes even by organizations or other people.

You can either pay now and play latter, or play now and pay latter, which ever way, payment is inevitable in life. Those who refuse to discipline themselves when they where young end up being disciplined by circumstances of life when they get older. In life, there are many examinations to pass, if you keep postponing them, you will keep carrying over that particular course.

Indiscipline breaks marriages, foils good plans, destroys friendships and relationships, kills the best of intentions, and can sometimes result in premature death.

A little discipline today, can save your tomorrow.

Examine yourself and see if you are disciplined.

Have a great week.