Discouragement is every leader’s nightmare. Discouragement is no respecter of age, title, or color. It happens to the rich, the poor, the healthy, and the sick. Discouragement has no regard for kings or nobles. it is not mindful of one’s academic qualification, or geographical location.

But mighty as discouragement may seem, it is overpowered by a simple word. a kind word, an uplifting word. it is called encouragement. Say something nice to yourself today and always. say something nice to someone, it is the panacea to discouragement.

When discouragement points you to sunset, remind yourself of sunrise. when it tells you that there is nothing to live for, remind it that you did not send yourself to the earth, and therefore the one who sent you here still has something in store for you. He is not through with you yet.

When you are afraid and discouraged, remind yourself that you were once a little child who couldn’t care for itself, and yet God took care of you, He will continue to take care of you now and always, because you belong to him.

Be encouraged.