Brothers and sisters: Do you recall at church on Sunday that Pastor mentioned that someone in the service had sore eyes? Well, my son had called me on Saturday to tell me that he had picked up ‘pink eye’ from his roommate, and that he was not feeling well enough to drive on Saturday night to come home, but he would come home on Sunday morning. He did not make it to church. I was a bit concerned partly because I felt he should not come to church and pass on the contagious eye disease. I told him to come just for prayer, but in the end, he stayed away. .Not checking on my son’s eyes, even after Pastor prayed, I went after church on Sunday to pick up the antibiotics. But by the time I got back home, my son’s eyes had been healed! He stayed home until Monday morning just in case (where is our faith?), and on Monday morning, he needed no medicine. Pink eye was gone. He left and went back to school with no antibiotics! He is fine. Fine. Fine. Hallelujah!