Exciting New Church in Boston – World Royal City Ministries

World Royal City Church is a prophetic and healing ministry under the grace and leadership of Prophet Effa Emmanuel of World Royal City Ministries. This young church has created a sweeping revolution in New England, with the first event, New England Night of Wonders, attracting more than 250 people of different backgrounds, races and religions, and broadcast on WEZE and WROL. The excitement about this new ministry is contagious! The services are nothing like you have experienced, and gives new meaning to the term ‘going to church’. Come visit with us, and personally experience the wonderful miracles that you may have heard about from reading Bible stories, or watching television.

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    Join us daily for church online:

    Monday to Friday - 6am to 7am EST; 8AM EST; 9PM-10PM;
    Thursdays at 7:30PM;
    Saturdays at 7AM.
    Sundays at 12 Noon. Eastern Time. Dial 857-342-8990 to join.

    or CALL US NOW: 857-342-3440
    Live Services on Youtube and Facebook Sundays at 12NOON

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    Enjoy daily recorded prayers and join us live on a daily basis for prayers. 6AM EST and 8AM. Call for prayer now: 857-342-3440